BLUE BOX was born out of First Bev’s desire to produce a highly differentiated beverage industry conference…one that digs deep to discover the many factors at play in the innovation of new brands and the disruption of beverage segments. BLUE BOX creates a space for thought leaders who are both passionate about beverages and thirsty to learn, share and engage.

Unbottled, free-flowing, coursing with ideas, BLUE BOX is the meeting ground for open discussions and original thinking on the future of the beverage industry. Events feature interesting venues, great food and drink, and short-format presentations. Speaker lineups are designed to incorporate insights and points of view from non-beverage industries like food, music, technology, philanthropy, branding and design as a way to help us better understand both the beverage industry and the world around us.


Our annual conference is held in Los Angeles, our home and a city that continues to innovate in the health and wellness, technology, creative and financial spaces. Click “events” to learn more about upcoming and past events.

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See what our community has to say about the BLUE BOX experience.


You guys rock and on so many levels. [The event] was amazing. The speakers challenged some of our thinking and shared openly their perspective and experience on several key topics. And [during and after our session,] through the many questions and conversations, the entire room played a part in reminding us how people connect with what we’re doing, want to participate and help, and truly want us to succeed.

George Taylor


TRU Colors Brewing Co


I had such a fantastic time and was truly blown away by the conference. I had no idea it was going to be such an incredibly inspiring and enriching day. You curated such a powerful group of speakers, and I am flattered that to be included in that group. I am leaving LA feeling tremendously inspired.

Chelsea Leyland



Really one of the most fun, inspirational and thought-provoking events I have attended… an exceptional conference with exceptional people, resulting in dynamic connections!

Caroline Levy

Senior Research Analyst,

Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc.


[BLUE BOX] is an exceptional day. Like last year I am leaving inspired, enlightened, challenged and fired up. Bar none, the best conference I have attended, twice now. I haven’t stopped talking / thinking about some part of the program since I have left.



Sierra Nevada Brewing Co


When I left [BLUE  BOX] ’17, I felt it was the best industry event/think tank I had ever attended. Was I wrong! [BLUE BOX] ‘18 was fabulous. I felt like I was watching the LA Dodgers’ batting line-up, every presenter could hit a home run and did.


VP Sales,



Such a collection awesomeness

Greg Owsley

President & Founder,

The Storied Brand


As always, thank you for the powerful roster of speakers, stunning venue, delicious food and the amass of amazing guests. [BLUE BOX] clearly has established itself as the gold standard for forward thinking, authentic and innovative industry events!

Michele Meloy Burchfield


Blume Honey Water


As a new CEO/founder I feel like I gained a year’s worth of knowledge and perspective in one day. I gathered so much useful information which I’m guessing the other people in the room, like me, might not have been exposed to outside of [BLUE BOX].

Brooke Harris


Goodmylk Co


I was blown away by the energy and sincerity of everyone I met. I am honored to be part of the community.

Han Delin

Founder / CEO,



One of my Top 10 best days!

Juan Coronado

Mixologist / Bacardi Rum Ambassador / Colada Shop/ Entrepreneur


Like sponges, we soaked it all in and have already begun to make some pivots in our plans in order to create MORE meaning in our brand…It was a different kind of conference—may I dare to say the first where I’ve left energized (not exhausted) and centered (not frazzled) at the end.

Daina Trout

CEO & Co-Founder,

Health-Ade Kombucha


Think of [BLUE BOX] as an inspiring, experiential CliffNotes of the most essential trends in the beverage industry.

Brian Halweil

Editor-in-Chief of Edible Brooklyn,

Edible East End, Edible Long Island and Edible Manhattan magazines


In an over-conferenced world, [BLUE BOX] really breaks the mold – entrepreneurship is all about taking what’s in your mind and making it into reality and [BLUE BOX] is a great catalyst. It’s amazing what happens when you throw founders, authors, branding experts, tech folks, finance experts, great food and a little mezcal together for a day.

Mike Burbank

Private Wealth Manager,

Morgan Stanley


[BLUE BOX] was fun, interesting and inspiring and I connected with a lot of great folks. I’ve attended and participated in many conferences over the years, and this was one of the most valuable I’ve been to in terms of leaving with actionable, game-changing insights I can apply to my business.

Paddy Spence




I love [BLUE BOX]. I find it illuminating, mentally refreshing, and wonderfully engaging.

Joe Heron

Founder and Owner,

Cooper & Kings

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